What is Bartertosave.com?

Barter to save is platform where real businesses can trade their goods and or services with other businesses goods and or services.

Why Join?

  • Increased visibility and exposure.
  • Get known as a flexible and friendly company
  • Give your customers more options to use your business
  • Your customers save money
  • Your customers will like you and come back to buy
  • Increase sales
  • Get reviews and recommendations
  • Social network exchanging
  • Website sharing and backlinks
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Growth in community based relationships

How it Works

(G/S refers to Goods and or Services)

  1. After joining the platform and filling out your G/S and your desired G/S…
  2. You then join a state or city in your locale
  3. Use the search field to find a company to barter with using keywords

Video Instructions

What if I find a company I need but they don’t need my G/S?

We have thought of that ahead of time.

Using specfic keywords in your search criteria and being in your locale, you will find a company you need and needs you.

Plus, the system is designed to scale up. The more businesses that join (through your email invites) the more increased chances of a perfect bartering experience.


Barter example one

Barters in Portland,Oregon

Jacob has a fruit and vegetable store in the city of Portland,Oregon. He and his wife get hair salon services monthly at $75 dollars, plus tip! He recently joined Barter to Save and found another member on the platform, in Portland, that has a hair salon. The hair salon owner Cristiana, listed in her needs on the platform “groceries.” He contacts Cristiana and strikes up a deal and…

Cristiana hears from Jacob

Cristiana hears from Jacob and loves the barter offer. Jacob will give her a $75 discount on all items in his store, in trade for a $75 discount in Cristiana’s hair salon services. She has two growing children and now deposits $75 more a month into their college fund.

They both now recommend each other on Facebook and Yelp, and display each others business cards and fliers! Also they gave each other five star written Google reviews.

Cristiana is so happy with Barter to Save that she is seeking out other barters on the platform to save money.


Barter example two

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you required to accept a barter offer?

A. No,you can decline nicely and share resources instead.

Q. What type of businesses join Barter to Save?

A. You can find the types that can join on this page. Plus use the titles for keywords.

Q. What if my barter partner's G/S dollar amount is not equal to mine?

A. You can negotiate a dollar amount to cover the balance.

Q. Can anyone join Barter to Save?

A. No, only real certified businesses can join.

Q. Is there a cost to join Barter to Save?

A. No, as of 12/7/2022 the website is in its first phase. After a number of businesses have joined there will be a cost. So get on the platform now!

Q. What if I can not identify any needs when I register into Barter to Save?

A. Your needs can be things you may need in the future of weekly G/S you buy. You can always adjust your profile when a need arises.

Q. What if I want to join the platform but really do not want to barter?

A. Sure you can join to get exposure, but keep in mind you may still get offers. Offer them to swap Facebook ads instead.

Q. Do I need a website to join Barter to Save?

A. No, but if you want one contact Darrensites.Pro

Q. Do I need a email address to join?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I create my own subgroups on the website?

A. Yes, you can create any group that targets your business type or location.

Q. What if I have several businesses in my portfolio?

A. You can place as many businesses that you have on Barter to Save.

Q. What if my business does not have a brick and mortar location or I offer virtual G/S?

A. You can still get on the platform. Please have a great website!

Q. What if I do not fully understand something in this system or find a bug?

A. You can call customer service.